You survived 2020 and all you got was this Spotify playlist

This may have been the Worst Year EverTM, but holy mince pies, Batman, was there some great music.

To try and help cheer you up (and to drown out the bloody awful festive music you must be sick of by now), I’ve assembled what I think is the finest 52 songs (one for each week of this 129 month-long year) I heard in 2020. There’s a convenient Spotify playlist with them all in at the end too. (And yes, of course it includes Unreqvited.)

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Below The Light #2 – For whom the bells toll

This installment of my rolling heavy metal ICYMI [Paul Rudd here, actor and certified young person… – Ed], we’re off to France (twice), Italy, Belgium, Australia, USA (if they promise not to mention politics, anyway), and even drizzly old Blighty. And even this edition’s Googly is proper good, so you had best read on.

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