What this blog is about

I used to write about music for a living. This is where I do it for fun. I take music often considered a joke, and take it seriously… especially the jokes about it.

Fascist/racist bands are not welcome here.

Below The Light

In these columns, I dig into albums and EPs that seem to have flown under the radar a little. My measure of this is largely arbitrary, and informed by what I see on the major new media outlets, plus general social media. If I think something is ace, notice that major web outlets (I don’t include print or subscription only content) haven’t covered something and a quick Google doesn’t reveal otherwise, and I see precious little social media talk on it, it goes in. Selections are in alphabetical order by band, apart from…

The Googly

Like a curveball, but I know nothing about baseball, so I’ve picked a cricket equivalent instead. This is the one that does something you don’t quite expect, that goes right when you think it’s going left, or doesn’t quite fit.

The picks in this category are more likely to be a love-it-or-hate-it case. Alternatively, they may have something about it that’s not quite right and the band could really do with working on, but holy cow, there’s some quality beneath it that is worth looking past the flaws for. Or it may be generally really good, but then there’s one track in there that’s spectacularly awful, and needs to be overlooked.